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National Centre for Education in Norwegian Nynorsk

Nynorsk is a standard written variety of the Norwegian language. The word itself means simply “New Norwegian” or “Modern Norwegian”. It is based on the Norwegian dialects, codified in writing in its earliest form by the linguist and poet Ivar Aasen in the nineteenth century, and has been formally acknowledged as an official written language in Norway since 1885 on a par with the traditional standard language, originally Danish, later evolving into “Norwegian Bokmål”. Between Bokmål and Nynorsk, there has been peaceful coexistence, but also protracted competition and (verbal) struggle throughout the past century.

– Lars S. Vikør: The Nynorsk Language of Norway

The National Centre for Education in Norwegian Nynorsk (Nynorsksenteret) was established on 1 January 2005 as part of the implementation of the government White Paper “Culture for learning”.

The aim of the centre is to function as a national resource centre for Norwegian Nynorsk in compulsory education. The centre’s main task is to lead and co-ordinate work on the teaching of Nynorsk, methods and forms of assessment. In addition, the centre is to contribute to the development of expertise and offer help and advice in the efforts to motivate for and promote the learning of Nynorsk.

Target groups for the work of the centre are mainly teachers, school administrators, teacher trainers, researchers and developers of teaching resources.

The activities of the centre are based on research & development work and pilot projects in cooperation with relevant professional environments, networks and organisations. The emphasis is on developing methods and approaches that can contribute towards improving language competence and furthering motivation for learning Nynorsk. Positive experiences will be systematised, tested and made public through courses, seminars, printed material and on the Internet.

The centre is to provide the Department of Education & Research and the Directorate for Primary and Secondary Education with advice and services in the fields of registration, teaching, quality development, assessment and curriculum development with regard to Nynorsk. We are to help education authorities at both municipal and county levels in the imparting of knowledge and the building up of expertise, and we are to assist colleges and universities in developing the field of teaching Nynorsk in teacher education.

The National Centre for Education in Norwegian Nynorsk is located at the University College in Volda and is organised as a §18 – project. §18 Operational responsibility for national undertakings in the law on universities and university colleges reads as follows:

The Ministry can by agreement with the institution delegate the administration of a joint national undertaking to a particular institution, without that institution’s own governing body having responsibility for the academic activity.

On the establishment of the centre, the Department of Education and Research entered into a joint agreement with the host institution Volda University College. The Department has also drawn up a mandate for the centre. It is administered by the host institution, which has personnel responsibility for the staff at the centre.

English article about Norwegian Nynorsk:



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